Aventures d'hiver à #SJTownsByTheBay

March 11, 2022

Winter may be winding down in the Saint John region, but oh what a winter it was!

We handed over the reigns to Instagrammers Scott McDade (@sjxposed) and Alex Chouinard (@chouin23), who set out to showcase just some of what our region has to offer. Check it out!



The first activity we tackled as part of our winter adventures series began with climbing a decent sized mountain just outside Saint John and ended with a walk on a frozen lake. Most would believe that hiking and climbing is more of a three-season activity, thanks to the ice and snow that winter brings - we beg to disagree! 



With the right equipment (ice grippers are a must) and someone who knows what they're doing (Alex was a fantastic guide) climbing can be an incredible way to spend a winter day. We hiked for about three hours, and looking back on it now that we've wrapped up our series, this was my favourite activity.


Watch the reel HERE.

Ice Fishing


Our winter adventures continued with ice fishing at Renforth Wharf in Rothesay! Unfortunately, the smelt weren't running, and our catch count was zero, but that's not what it's about is it? It's about laughter, making memories, taking advantage of the fantastic winter weather, beautiful surroundings, and amazing activities right in our own backyard.


Thank you so much to The Shacks for providing us we everything we needed for this ice fishing adventure. These shacks are amazing and who doesn't love a wood stove! Whether alone, with your best bud or the whole family, everyone should experience ice fishing at least once.


Also, thank you to JavaMoose for the hot drinks, they were definitely a highlight for us, and big thanks to Slaunch City Fish Co for keeping our noggins warm with awesome toques!


Watch the reel HERE.

Off-Grid Cabins


This was so cool. A new "thing to do" in our region - La Belle Cabane are off grid cabins on the Kingston Peninsula. The hosts were incredible! Upon arrival at our cabin we were gifted with sage for smudging. This was a first for Alex and he quite enjoyed it. We also received a beautiful welcome letter, cookies and some bannock bread mix.


The cabin itself was perfect. Between keeping us warm and cooking, the wood stove was a highlight and even the outhouse had super class. Situated on 40 acres, snowshoeing the trails was our main activity and the views were absolutely amazing. If you're looking for the perfect unique getaway La Belle Cabane should be the top of your list.



Besides the amazing opportunity to experience off grid living, we also spent several hours snowshoeing the 40 acres that La Belle Cabane is situated on. Whether you want to take advantage of the many trails they have to offer, or go bushwhacking, as Corey, one of the owners, suggested to us.


One of the things both Scott and I enjoyed the most was how stunningly beautiful this property is. We were fortunate enough to arrive during a snow/ice storm and when we woke the next morning everything was magically white.


Watch the reels HERE and HERE.

Cross-Country Skiing


The next activity on our list was cross-country skiing, provided by our friends at Elmhurst Outdoors on the Kingston Peninsula.


It's been a couple years since I’ve been skiing and the last time Scott skied I wasn't even born! Needless to say, you don't need to be a pro to enjoy this awesome winter activity.


With several different trials to try, Elmhurst is a fantastic experience. Bring your own equipment or rent everything you need right on site! When you're finished skiing - I should mention there's also snowshoe rentals and trails - be sure to drop in to meet the incredible owners and enjoy a fresh baked cookie and cocoa.


In late winter/early spring, they offer maple syrup tastings and pancake breakfasts - we definitely plan to return for that!


Watch the reel HERE.

Snowshoeing and Rockwood Park


We headed to Rockwood Park, to try snowshoeing with Inside Out Nature Centre, but I feel the need to give the park it's own particular shout out here. With so many trails, lakes, and beautiful views to discover Rockwood Park is an amazing place in every season, but winter is especially magical.


There are several different activities offered at Inside Out, but today Alex and I opted for snowshoeing. This is a great outdoor activity for people of all ages and no experience is required. Our favorite part of this adventure were the incredible views and the wildlife you see while exploring this huge park right in the heart of the city!


We also ended our day with a delicious lunch at Lily's Lakeside Casual Dining, known affectionately around here as Lily's.



With all the awesome winter activities to do in our region, one must fuel up, and what better place than Lily's.


After snowshoeing around Lily Lake with Inside Out Nature Centre, Scott and I gladly tried out their amazing spinach salad and what I dare say are the best nachos in the city! For dessert Scott had cheese cake and I enjoyed their chocolate mousse.


We highly recommend adding Lily’s to your Rockwood Park bucket list!


Watch the reels HERE and HERE.

Ice Skating


Up next was ice skating at the Rothesay Common. It’s been a long time since I've been skating and at least a couple years for Alex but, like riding a bike, it's a skill you don't forget. As soon as we had balance, we were off, one of us a little quicker than the other...


The great thing about skating is that it's truly an activity for everyone. Even if you're not that great at it, like me, it can still be a lot of fun and what better place to practice your skills than the Rothesay Common.


I will add though, there are a bunch of rinks that offer skating throughout the region, and outdoor rinks also pop up at the Quispamsis Arts and Culture Park and on Lily Lake at Rockwood Park.


Watch the reel HERE.

Zip Lining


Featuring 13 ziplines, 6 sky bridges and the most well trained, patient staff (so knowledgeable - grateful for them!), zip lining with Timbertop Adventures at Snider Mountain Ranch is one Alex and I won't soon forget. I’m not one for heights, and although at times the heights of the zips were freaking me out, not once did I feel unsafe. On the other hand, this is yet another activity Alex excelled at. I was just happy I made it to the end. ?


Speaking of the end, after the thrill of zip lining, we were rewarded with a rest and a chat around the warmest of campfires, delicious chocolate chip cookies and some much needed hot cocoa. Then we all hopped aboard a tractor drawn carriage for a 15-minute ride back up the mountain. The views at this ranch are incredible!

If you've never tried zip lining before, we highly recommend trying it here!


Watch the reels HERE and HERE.

Scott & Alex

Scott (@sjxposed on Instagram )& Alex (@chouin23 on Instagram):

We had so much fun this winter in Saint John and the Towns by the Bay!

We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we did writing it!!

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