August 23, 2019

View from the corner of Water Street & Princess Street

I am SO excited to share a day in the life of the amazing city I live in. There are so many things I LOVE about Saint John. Amazing restaurants, the ocean, local shops, fun events, tons of places to stay, I could go on and on. If you haven't been to my cute little hometown yet, I want to make it easy for you. I've compiled a list of my favourite go-to’s in the city to make your visit one to remember, and, as photogenic as possible ;)

Allie 1


Allie 2
View from our room at the Hilton Hotel

First off, I want to mention some great options for accommodation. There are places for everyyyone! If you are looking for a high end option in the heart of uptown, the Delta and the Hilton are both amazing options! They are both pet friendly, (which is huge for me, lol), they both have a pool, and they both have great breakfast options! If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, but still want to be in the centre of uptown, BunkHaus Hostel is new, awesome, and SO cute. If you are looking for Instagrammable, this is your spot! They have their own little cafe & bar, and they are right along the harbour!

Allie 3
Bunk Haus Hostel, 36 Water Street

I have two brunch go-to’s. 1. Britt's breakfast sandwich, add guac. 2. Chicken & waffles from Cask & Kettle. Depending on the time of year of your visit, they both have great patios. Cask & Kettle is dog friendly and has a great patio and view of the gorgeous Prince William Street. (Where we used to live!)

Allie 4
Cask & Kettle Pub, 112 Prince William Street

Top of my list for uptown shopping is Lordon. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know Lordon is my weakness. It's so friggen cute with their herringbone floors, greenery everywhere and carefully curated clothing racks. Again -If you're looking for the Instagram, this is it. Lol. Another good spot just up King Street is the Urban Shoe Myth. I'm a sucker for interiors, and USM is monochromatic and amazing. Also with any shoe you could ever dream of. You're welcome.

Allie 5
Lordon, 20 King Street

Go to the market!!! The Saint John City Market is open 6 days a week and is my favourite spot for lunch. My personal favourite is a sandwich from Jeremiah's or mac & cheese from Sisters! But seriously, there are an insane amount of options for all foodies. While you're there you can also shop local art & pottery at The Butcher’s Daughter or grab some food to snack on at the hotel from Pete's Frootique.

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Afternoon walk
When we lived on Prince William Street my favourite part of the day was taking Mason for a walk around uptown with Justin. Honestly you can wander aimlessly and stumble into such amazing architecture, street art, string lit alleyways and often times buskers on the corners. I highly recommend walking through King & Queen Square, checking out Grannan Alley!

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Where to be for sunset
This one is very important to me. Lol. Whenever we're travelling my only non-negiotable is to be somewhere intentional for sunset. We always look up the time of the sunset and make our dinner plans accordingly. Obviously my first pick is the beach. I don't think people realize how easily accessible the ocean is in Saint John. There are SO many beaches. The Bay of Fundy is my favourite view. Every Monday night I head down to the beach for some me time. My favourite is the beach at low tide, at sunset. Ahhhhhh. I recommend grabbing a snack, a blanket and getting comfy at Saint’s Rest if it's your first time visiting the city.

Allie 9
Saint’s Rest Beach
Allie 10
Saint’s Rest Beach

Dinner & Drinks
My all time favourite place to go for dinner and drinks is Port City Royal. We choose it every time. Their menu changes regularly making it so fun to go back each time. Their drinks are award wining and their interior is out of a magazine. Another good spot for beer is The Uptowner, they are the newest taproom for Loyalist City Brewing Company and often have live music! Another great spot on the west side is Moosehead Small Batch Brewery. It's a really great atmosphere, and lots of great beer on tap. In the summer they also have a dog friendly patio!

Allie 11
Port City Royal, 45 Grannan Street

If you are looking to do a little hopping around I would recommend starting at PCR then heading to Hopscotch for a few drinks and also stopping in at Happinez Wine Bar. When we are feeling a little fancy that is normally our route. If you're feeling a little more low key and casual I would start at Picaroons on Canterbury for some beer and pizza from Pomodori’s (You can order it and eat it at Picaroons! Lol) Then I would suggest heading down to the boardwalk to catch some live music, orrrr head to the Eighty Three Bar Arcade to play games and sing 80s music at the top of your lungs. LOL.

Allie 12
View from our old condo on Prince William Street

I hope you guys enjoyed my Itinerary for a day in Saint John! I also hope you go give some of these places a try if you haven’t already! Make sure to let me know what you think if you do!! And tag me in your stories!!



Content updated to reflect 2020 itinerary changes.

Allie Beckwith is a professional photographer & visual artist. Allie graduated from NSCAD University in 2015 with a bachelor of fine arts and majoring in Photography. She has shot some of the top designers and models in the fashion industry and has been a regular fixture backstage, and on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Allie has shot for international brands such as Dyson, LG, McDonald’s, Fairmont Hotels and Vogue Magazine. Allie’s artwork has been commissioned by many interior designers, residential & commercial homes as well as international brands like Lululemon. You can find Allie surrounded by family, strolling along the seaside or working alongside her team in her studio.

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