A Fabulous Urban Getaway to Saint John

August 18, 2020

Have you been looking for the ultimate urban getaway? Then look no further, I’ve found the most perfect spot for you to take your next vacation.  Saint John always held a special place in my heart.  As a kid, we used to go there every March Break for my brother’s hockey tournament, it was so much fun and I would impatiently wait for this trip every year.  But visiting Saint John as an adult is a completely different experience.  It’s still magical but just in a much more mature way.  When Discover Saint John reached out for me to go and explore Saint John I was so excited because Saint John in the summer on the waterfront is the most beautiful spot and every single time I get to go there my love for this incredible city grows a little more.    

When I found out we were staying at the Hilton I couldn’t wait!  See, the Hilton is attached to Market Square and any hotel that is attached to a mall is beyond incredible in my books.  Over the past few years, I have, luckily, gotten to stay at the Hilton Saint John numerous times and am consistently very happy with this hotel.  They always give 5-star service and make you feel so special!  The Hilton is right on the water and it’s just a beautiful hotel with stunning rooms and awe-worthy views.  Let me just say that the Hilton went above and beyond to make us feel at home!  They upgraded us to a King room with a beautiful waterfront view and left some yummy treats for us to enjoy while we were there!  Also, since the restaurant isn’t open at this time, they made sure we had breakfast delivered right to our room every morning.  How sweet is that?! And just to make you feel extra special they communicate with their guests through text to make sure you have everything you need and it makes it so easy and accessible. 

After checking in our first stop was to the Saint John City Market and with its handcrafted local pieces, fruit and vegetable stands, fish and meat markets and delicious restaurants. They have everything you could possibly want in one spectacular space.  Opened in 1876 it’s the ideal downtown market and a great place to get all you could possibly need.  

Next up we visited Handworks Gallery with mostly New Brunswick creations and it’s a great spot for local artisans to promote their fabulous creations! From pottery to paintings to handcrafted woodworks it’s the finest spot to get a gift for anyone in your life!

Tuck Studio was next on our tour of Saint John and it did not disappoint!  I’ve been to Tuck before and always love heading back because there are so many unique pieces to take your home decor to the very next level. It’s what decor dreams are made of.

After that, it was time for a coffee break and luckily The Art Warehouse was right next door.  It’s a licensed coffee house, studio and gallery all in one and the best spot for any creative to gather.  It’s also the cutest space with bright decor and paintings and I couldn’t help but capture a photo in this charming little nook.

After all this exploring we were starting to work up an appetite so we made our way over to the Saint John Ale House.  I’ve been here before and am always excited to head back there for their unbelievable selection of the most delectable food!  Seafood was on both of our minds and we couldn’t help but order some tasty scallops.  Let me tell you, they did not disappoint! The food here is always pure perfection and once again they hit it out of the park!

You know me, I love to shop so next up we were headed to some fun shops in uptown Saint John.  In Pursuit is this sweet little boutique that used to be in a mobile pink truck (which will still be used for festivals in the future) but is now in a permanent spot on Prince William Street.  It’s such a fun shop with unique pieces and adorable accessories! 

Lordon was our next stop and it’s classy and chic atmosphere had me lusting after the store before I even looked at their stunning clothes.  They’ve got all the hottest brands and it’s most definitely the spot for the modern trendy girl.

Then we hit up  Heartbreak Boutique with all their cool and quirky pieces.  This is for sure the place that you’ll find that one-of-a-kind piece that everyone drools over.  

After a quick rest, we were on our way to Italian by Night.  We were both so excited because we had heard so many wonderful things about this Italian spot and believe me the rumours were not wrong.  I had the mussels and they were one hundred percent the best mussels I have ever had and I have had A LOT of mussels!  Sue ordered the pizza and it was like she was whisked away to Italy right before my eyes.

The next morning we got a quick caffeine fix at Rogue Coffee and it was so lovely there.  They’re located on Grannan Street in the most amazing little alleyway.  The alleyway is perfectly decorated to make it seem like the coziest little corner you’ll never want to leave. 

All throughout our trip, we explored the artwork throughout the city.  Uber5000, who has been known to leave his mark across Canada, recently created a giant mural right across from Grannan Street.  It’s absolutely captivating and makes you feel like you’re hanging out under the sea.  #SalmonRun2020 is another art installation that’s taken over uptown Saint John.  There are 23 sculptures throughout the uptown area.  Each fish was created by a number of different artists throughout New Brunswick.  It’s fun to see how many you can find, unfortunately, we didn’t find as many as I would have liked but that’s just the competitor in me.  There are also selfie stickers on the ground and in each spot we found we took a selfie.  It made exploring the uptown area as we went from place to place like a treasure hunt that I didn’t want to end.  

Next, we stopped in for a beer at Picaroons General Store.  It has such a cool atmosphere with barrels for tables and bright red chairs that couldn’t help but put a smile on your face.  A cool atmosphere with tasty drinks is a great spot to catch up with your friends or even get some work done on your laptop.

If you’re looking for some mouth-watering Thai food as well as other tasty goodies then Pepper’s Pub is the place for you.  I got a lunch-sized Pad Thai that was still too big for me to eat it all.  It was so yummy and a great little pick me up to give us a pep in our step to finish out our day.  

Irving Nature Park has always been a favourite spot for me in Saint John.  It’s this magnificent park with walking trails, beaches, lookouts and all the nature you could possibly want.  It’s only 9 km from uptown Saint John and covers 600 acres.  It’s the best spot to head to to clear your mind, get some exercise and get back in touch with nature.

Urban Shoe Myth captured a piece of my heart.  What can I say, I’m a shoe girl!  Sue ended up leaving there with two pairs of shoes because there was a great sale and the shoes were too adorable to possibly choose between.  I would have gotten them myself but they didn’t have my size (small feet problems). 

The last night we were there we got to dine at Port City Royal.  The decor gave you a real George Clooney man cave feel.  Elegant and sophisticated with a rugged twist.  The food was delectable, we had a charcuterie board with different cheeses, meats, jellies and crackers and we ordered a salad with chicken sausage.  I don’t think we talked the whole time we ate, it was just that good.  We just had to split two drinks because there were so many that sounded so good.  We ended up with the margarita and a Raining on Prom Night.  Both drinks were mind-blowingly delicious and we decided we couldn’t possibly pick a winner.

Harbour Passage was a fabulous way to finish up our trip.  Such a great way to connect uptown Saint John to Reversing Falls.  When you get to walk right along the waterfront you can’t help but fall in love.  Definitely a nature lover’s dream.

The great thing about all of these amazing spots is that they were right uptown, by our hotel, and all within walking distance (except for Irving Nature Park which was a short drive away).  I love going somewhere and parking the car and being able to go everywhere on foot!  We really had the most spectacular girl’s getaway and I cannot wait to get back there very soon.  Saint John is the most idyllic spot and so charming with art around every corner. It’s the prime place for your ultimate urban getaway!  

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