Taste of Egypt For First Timers

March 04, 2019

Whether you're an adventurous foodie or not, trying out something new can be intimidating. Don’t worry - you're not alone. That's why we're here.

Discover Saint John teamed up with Chef Jesse Vergen to highlight some of the amazing restaurants in our city. ‘For First Timers’ is a video series where we show you what to expect from the moment you walk in the door to what you should order and everything in between.

We also want to share the incredible people behind the restaurant doors and their culture. You may have heard the rumour that Saint John is quickly earning a reputation for fantastic dining and it’s because of the talented folks that choose to call Saint John home.

Without further ado, let’s talk food.

We’ve got a restaurant for you try and you need to trust us that you’re going to love it. Today, we are talking about Taste of Egypt (87 King St, Saint John, NB) which is open Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, as well as Saturday and Monday, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Taste of Egypt is Mediterranean cuisine but features food from all over the world. Once you walk through the doors, you will be welcomed with Egyptian decor and music so you just might forget you are still in the Port City.

Alright, so what is Egyptian food anyway? Egyptian food is incredibly flavourful cuisine that will make your tastebuds dance. It is not spicy (unless you want it to be) but it is incredibly healthy.


Egyptian Food

Paula Radwan is a proud Saint Johner so there was no question about where she and her husband, Chef Ehab Radwan, would open their restaurant. Chef Radwan is originally from Egypt but didn’t begin his cooking career until he came to Canada. You would never guess it though because he has an uncanny ability to recreate dishes from memory. He has a photographic memory - for real!

Here are the food dishes featured in the video.

1. To kick things off, Chef Ehab prepared their go-to appetizer: hummus and naan bread. One thing to note is that each Mediterranean country has their own style of hummus. The Egyptian version does not use a lot of garlic which means you can enjoy and carry on your day without a mint. #meetingfriendly They also offer gluten-free pita as an option.


Love Hummus

2. The second signature dish they shared is their mixed kebabs (souvlaki). On this plate, you can try one skewer of shish tawouk (chicken souvlaki), one skewer of tandoori chicken and one skewer of beef kofta. The perfect meal when you want a taste of everything.


Mixed Kebabs

3. Perhaps the most unique dish to order is their Moussaka Tajine. This is served with beef but can also be made vegan. It is cooked in a clay dish and isn’t just pretty to look at; it’s also delicious.


Moussaka Tajine

4. Finally, Chef Ehab has his signature Tandoori stir fry which he created with three of his favourite cuisines in mind: Asian, Indian and Mediterranean. This is the most popular dish at Taste of Egypt and can be served with or without meat.


Turkish Coffee

Additionally, they also served up their signature mocktail: Secret of the Sphinx and ended things off with the must-try Turkish coffee. Some people think it’s even better than espresso!

At Taste of Egypt, it is recommended you try their lunch buffet so you can sample a little bit of everything. Ummm, yes please!



What are you waiting for? It’s time to introduce your taste buds to Taste of Egypt.


Taste of Egypt

87 King St, Saint John, NB

(506) 657-0003631-806