Towns by the bay

Down By The Bay

Welcome to Saint John and the Towns by the Bay — on the beautiful Bay of Fundy! This is where your summer bay-cation begins, along a 100km stretch of scenic southern New Brunswick. From cool city vibes to waterside relaxation, Saint John and its distinctive nearby towns have the history, culture, character, and joyous adventure to get your toes tappin’ and your heels clickin’ this summer!

Watch the sun rise in Rothesay and see it set over the water in Grand Bay-Westfield. Grab breakfast in the City of Saint John, then lunch by the river in Quispamsis. Walk on the ocean floor in St. Martins the same day you explore historic Hampton. It's all right here!

Saint John

A City That Never Skips a Beat

Saint John brings together many elements to create a vibe all its own. If history and architecture are your jam, you’ll appreciate the handsome heritage buildings and the special atmosphere of Canada’s oldest continuously operated farmers market. Hit the streets to search out stylish shops and unique eats. Move off the beaten track and a colourful world of street art and murals will unveil itself. Oh, and not forgetting those stunning harbour views!

Grand Bay-Westfield

Where Everything Feels a Little Grander

When a town has “Grand” in its title, you know you’re in for something a little bit special. Take in Grand Bay-Westfield's breathtakingly big views while strolling one of the inspiring heritage trails, or as you are gently pulled across the Saint John River on a cable ferry. (Yes, that’s a ferry literally pulled by a cable!) And don’t forget your signature selfie with a spectacular sculpture at Brundage Point. Truly grand!


Rothesay Says Relax

When you really want to get away, kick back, and let out a big ol’ sigh of relief, you rock up to Rothesay. This place is tailor-made for relaxation and rejuvenation. Swim, sail, or sunbathe on the river. Later, meander between the multiple top-notch microbreweries and raise a toast to the good life. A cute little lighthouse will brighten your day, while the stunning sunsets light up your evenings. You’ll leave a whole new you!


An Idyllic Waterside Playground

Quispamsis has the activities to get your heart pumping and the scenery to take your breath away! Whether you’re casting a line on the shimmering river, taking a dip in its refreshing waters, or bobbing along on a boat — there is endless water-based entertainment. The beach beckons you to soak up some rays or spring into a game of beach volleyball, while some quite terrific trails are waiting to lead you on a rugged adventure. Make Quispamsis your waterside playground this summer.


A Happening Town with History

Hampton’s history goes way back, and you can take a walk amidst it at the town square, which is home to several inspiring heritage buildings. While you’re there, don’t miss a photo op with unique sculptures crafted by local artists like renowned sculptor, John Hooper. Back in the present, Hampton is one happening spot, with fishing, paddleboarding, and boating on the river. Take an outdoor or cultural tour, and when you’re done, receive a neighbourly welcome as you sample some local flavours.


Where Stunning Comes Standard

St. Martins is packed with big natural attractions. (And we do mean BIG!) Witness the world’s highest tides as they rise and then fall away to reveal the ocean floor — then get down there and walk on it! Wander amid huge and ancient rocks. Explore mysterious sea caves. Take in marvelous Bay of Fundy vistas. Oh, and did we mention the 84-metre suspension bridge at the Fundy Trail Parkway? Bring a camera. Around St. Martins, stunning comes standard.