Where is Stonehammer?

April 25, 2017

Where is Stonehammer?

So you might have heard about the Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark but do you know where it is? That’s the #1 question about Stonehammer – where is it?!

Here’s the scoop, Stonehammer UNESCO Geopark is not like your typical park. There is no entrance gate or fence around it.

It’s an area (a BIG area! 2500 square kms!) with exceptional geological heritage around the Greater Saint John region. That means you can check out interesting archaeology, wildlife and habitats, history, folklore and culture all linked back to the earth.

Where is Stonehammer Map

You might be in the geopark right now and didn’t realize it!

When you’re hiking in Rockwood Park, you’re in the geopark. When you’re kayaking at Dominion Park, you’re in the geopark. When you’re enjoying a picnic and Bay of Fundy coastline at the Fundy Trail, guess what? You’re in the geopark!

There are so many ways and places (a.k.a. geosites) to experience the Stonehammer UNESCO Geopark, check out this cool video!