We Were Here

February 25 - February 27

Stories of lesser-known legendary black members of our community. Created and directed by Clyde A Wray.

Featuring: Dr. Timothy Christie, Neil Clements, Olive Ozoemena, Tallas Munro, Damon Levine, Gordi Munro, Elliot Wray, and Tanya MacPherson.

The play is a series of eight monologues that provide a snapshot into the life of:

Abraham Beverley Walker, the first Black lawyer in New Brunswick; Lena O’Ree, an activist and winner of the NB Human Rights Award; Dr. Constance A Timberlake, a Saint John born activist and professor; Cornelius Sparrow, a run-away slave turned leader and local businessman; The Ice Lady (Georgina Whetsel), a successful businesswoman, considered the wealthiest Black woman in North America at the turn of the century; Eldridge Eatman, aka ‘Speed’, the world sprint Champion in 1906; Edward Mitchell Bannister (The Artist), a prominent artist whose work is in many fine art galleries and museums, and Josiah Hanson, a young slave who escaped and went on to open a vocational school for fugitive slaves.

Streaming performances February 25-27 | 7:30pm
For streaming tickets please visit www.showtix4u.com

Saint John Theatre Company
112 Princess Street
This is an online / virtual event.
Saint John, NB