Swimming Upstream with Salmon Run 2018

September 12, 2018

Discover Saint John's wildly-popular Salmon Run art initiative has returned for 2018 with new installations! Encounter beautiful six-foot salmon sculptures while exploring our charming uptown. Set out to find all 10 salmon created by New Brunswick artists for the ultimate selfie. Tag your photos #SalmonRun2018 #SaintAwesome!

You can download the Salmon Run 2018  walking tour app (Saint John Walking Tours) in the App store or Google Play store.

She Sailed the Wide Wild Ocean

Artist: Tammy Capstick

I wanted a design that was as vibrant as the city itself, that spoke to the richness of its stories and its kinship with the sea.

Materials: Acrylic on Fiberglass

Located in front of Hilton Saint John.

Dots A Lot Salmon

Artist: Jack Hudson

The Dots A Lot Salmon is inspired by the meaning of mandalas, and the circle, which in many cultures signifies unity, harmony, and completeness.

Materials: Acrylic paint on fibreglass

Located outside Saint John City Hall.

King of The River

Artist: Lisa-Ann Scichilone

A bouquet of native New Brunswick flora and fauna dresses the "King of the River" in this Canadian version of Día de Muertos in honour of our Canadian wildlife.

Materials: Acrylic, paper on fibreglass

Located at the Germain Street Entrance of the Saint John City Market.

Our Roots in Agriculture

Artist: Holly McKay

Our province is deeply rooted with a rich history in agriculture making up a large part of the economy; including forestry, fishing, livestock farming (poultry, cattle, dairy, fish), crop farming (potatoes, blueberries, tree fruit, grains, maple products).

Materials: Acrylic paint on fibreglass

Located outside Brunswick Square, on the corner of King Street and Germain Street.

Second Run

Artist: Lisa Robinson

This design is a tribute to the New Brunswick tradition of fly fishing for salmon on the Miramichi during the autumn season, which is also known as the second run.

Materials: Acrylic on fiberglass

Located outside the Germain Street Entrance to Trinity Church.

The Chic Salmon

Artist: Jean Hudson

In contrast to the rugged and busy streets of Saint John, this Chic Salmon is designed to give the impression of delicateness and serenity, reminiscent of fine porcelain on vintage lace table linens.

Materials: Glue and epoxy paint on fiberglass

Located outside Rogue Coffee.

Musaic Salmon

Artist: Peggy Woolsey Rivera

Fractured pieces of china regain new life as ornamental skin on the salmon body. Memory, colour, shine and brokenness combine in new ways.

Materials: Fractured tea cups, dinner plates, tiles and found objects on fibreglass

Located in the CentreBeam Plaza Courtyard.

The Mist of Our First City I

Artist: Fabiola Martinez

It is a tribute to the city of Saint John, New Brunswick’s architecture and natural surroundings as well as paying homage to those who created these emblematic buildings. It is also a beautiful metaphor of life that invites us to always bear in mind the strength of our city.

Materials: Oil and acrylic on fibreglass

Located outside Java Moose on Prince William Street.

Ethereal Neon Rivers

Artist: Jared Betts

Inspired by my family's bright colourful salmon fly tying.

Materials: Mixed media

Located in front of Happinez Wine Bar.

Time and Tides

Artist: Kelley Joyce-Floyd

‘Tide and time wait for no man’. Tide and time has shaped life in the Bay of Fundy, and nowhere is this more evident than in Hopewell Cape’s flower-pot rocks.

Materials: Acrylic paint on fibreglass

Located at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.