Art in Public Places Walking Tour

June 16, 2020

1. Market Square Boardwalk

 The Moosehead Challenger, 2003, by Forest Hart

This life-sized bronze moose was commissioned by Moosehead Breweries Ltd. and given as a gift to the City. Inside the hollow statue a can of Moosehead Lager has been placed for good luck.

2. Harbour Passage

Along Harbour Passage, within walking distance of each other, are numerous pieces of public art.

  • Cargo, by Pat Schell

  • DotSpot, 2017, by Alanna Baird

  • Shards of Time, 2014, by Peter Powning

  • Wind & Water, 2016, by James Boyd

  • Window on the Waterfront, 2014, by Hitoshi Tanaka

3. Saint John Trade & Convention Centre, 1st Level Market Square (Near the Hilton Hotel)

Several pieces are featured at this location, including:

  • HMCS Saint John in Action, 1983, by John Alford

  • Ocean Bone, 1983, by Marie-Hélène Allain

  • People Apart Moving Together, 1983, by John Hooper

  • Sea Forms, 1983, by Bonnie & Jack Massey

  • Strange Plants, by Kathy Hooper

  • Strata I, 1983, by Peter Powning

4. Free Public Library, 2nd Level Market Square

The library main branch moved to this location in 1983 from its first home in the Carnegie Building, now the Saint John Arts Centre, and features a number of sculptures and paintings:

  • Barbara Ring Memorial Art Collection, 1983, Various Artists

  • Boy on Stilts, by John Hooper

  • Flesh, 1999, by Michel-Antoine Fournier

  • Punctuated Blue, 1995, by Peter Powning

  • The Front Desk, 1991, by Ned A. Bear

  • The sea told me, 1983, by Marie-Hélène Allain

5. Market Square

At Market Square you will find numerous pieces of public art including:

  • Balloon Girl-Charlotte, 2005, by Judi Pennanen (atrium)

  • Gray Jays, 2017, by Phil Savage (atrium)

  • Lego Timepiece, 2016, by Robin Sather & SJ Community (Level 1)

  • Marco Polo, 2003, on loan from the New Brunswick Museum (Level 2)

  • Nest, 2017, by Deanna Musgrave (pedway)

  • Timepiece, 1984, by John Hooper (entrance)

  • Untitled (2 biplanes – wood), 1983, by Julian Bowron (atrium)

6. City Hall (Level L)

City Hall boasts a prominent piece of art, on the outside of the building:

  • Progression, 1972, by Claude Roussel

Attached to the building is a threepiece red, orange, and yellow sculpture, commissioned in 1971 when City Hall moved to Market Square.

7. Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Peel Plaza

A number of pieces are installed inside and outside this former library.

  • DeLancey’s Encampment Mural, 1985, by Fred Ross

Commissioned by and donated to the City of Saint John by the Saint John Bicentennial Commission, Inc.

  • Fiddlehead, 2002, by James Boyd

Donated to the City of Saint John by the Deep See Visual Arts Festival.

8. Union Street , adjacent to Loyalist House

Untitled, 1985, Artist Unknown

This work was commissioned by Parks Canada in 1985, for the 200th anniversary of the City. The piece evokes the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom.

9. Saint John City Market, Germain Street Entrance

Figurehead, 1995, by Carol Taylor

The concept for this piece came from the market itself. The ceiling timbers supporting the market’s roof are
similar to the hull of bygone wooden vessels. The artist designed a figurehead, such as those placed on these historic ships.

10. Grannan Street (between Germain Street and Canterbury Street)

  • Are You Going To Do Something With That Dream Of Yours?, 2018, by Gabrielle Brown

  • Ladder Of Existence, 2018, by Garbrielle Brown

  • See Stories, 2019, by Uber5000 (Allan Ryan)

Inspired by what lives under the water, and a whole lot of imagination. Rather than to paint a real life picture of some of the exact species that are around, it’s more like what doyou imagine to be under there?

11. Corner of Canterbury and Princess Streets

Clementine, 2019, by Dodo Ose

Inspired by the annual Moonlight Bazaar event and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, this piece is a woman finding the first spaceship that took a picture of the moon. That ship was named Clementine, as could be the woman.