Sunday Sessions at BunkHaus Hostel with Café + Tap Room

April 28 - December 01

Building community is a beautiful thing that has historically been accomplished through religious gatherings... but what happens when church or religion just isn't your thing? Or at least not regularly?

Enter: Sunday Sessions.

Sunday sessions will take place once a month and be non-faith based. They'll start by kicking off with a singer-songwriter performance which will be followed with something akin to a 'Ted Talk'. For example: learn about how you can reduce waste, discover how meditation can improve your life, learn about the history of Saint John, tune into research breakthroughs happening locally, or simply get a crash course in how to budget. 

Each session will follow with time to socialise and meet new people along with the opportunity to donate to the artist and speaker. 

They will also work together to create a joint vision for the future of Sunday Sessions and pick causes to support in order to help improve of our society/environment each month (ie. food bank donations, beach clean-ups).

36 Water Street
Saint John, NB