In the Shadow of the Steeple - a David Goss Walk n' Talk Series

May 05 - May 19

May 05: The King’s Square Story 
Tourist’s delight in our city centre park, laid out by Paul Bedell in 1783 as one of four public green areas or commons in the city. It has only been a beauty spot for just over half of its lifespan. Come and learn its early, and more sordid history; how concerned citizens led to its gradual developed into the bucolic area of today, and how some of its many decorative elements were added over the decades. 

May 12:  The Old Burial Grounds Story 
From 1783 to 1847 this 4 acres plot was the final resting place of 14,000 citizens of the new city of Saint John. Only about 200 stones remain to tell their story, but brief as the tales may be, they offer tangible connections with those who founded and built the city. Via research, and through reading the inscriptions and doing rubbings, we will share the stories that come to life of a few of those whose stones remain legible. We will also share some of the legends and folktales that circulate about this hallowed downtown location. 

May 19: The Hiram A. Cody Story 
Hiram A. Cody was not only a busy priest of a daughter church of Trinity’s, (St James on Broad Street), but also one of Canada’s most prolific authors a century ago. Many of his stories or poems comment on the Saint John he knew as he walked its streets to carry out his priestly duties, and as he engaged in many- outside- the ministry calls to community service. We will learn about this cleric’s life, and about conditions he observed in the city as we walk some of the streets he walked within the shadow of the Trinity Steeple. 

Expect guest commentators to share on each of these events. 

A decision will be made on each Sunday as to whether the weather is going to be too severe to do an outside expedition. If that is the case, an indoor slide presentation will be given in the Bennett Room, with the topic being ROCKWOOD PARK’S 125TH BIRTHDAY, and this series of slides will illustrate the park’s history from its inception in 1894 until the present. Many images will be shown that have never been seen before that have been collected from a number of private owners.  

In support of the Trinity Church Steeple Capital Campaign a free will offering is expected at each walk. 
Tax receipts will be given for all donations of $20.00 or more. 
Leaves 115 Charlotte Street at 2:00 p.m. sharp.

David Goss
115 Charlotte Street
Trinity Anglican Church
Saint John, NB