Sankara presents International Street Food Pop-Up Restaurant

October 25 - October 27

Welcome to the World of International Street Food. Sankara Chefs from Ghana, Ethiopia and Korea are bringing the aromas and flavours traditionally only prepared by local street vendors to Uptown at Five & Dime for 3 nights only. Limited tickets available. Tickets can be purchased at the following link: 

Dinner is served on dinnerware and is accompanied by traditional and contemporary cultural music. The Chef will provide a live demonstration to offer guests a new skill to try in their own kitchen.

Reservations are limited to 24 guests at each dinner. Email if you require dietary accommodations, they will do their best to accommodate.

Ghanaian Street-Food Dinner (Oct 25, 6pm)

Appetizer: Black Eyed Peas, Gari, Fried Sweet Plantain (borɔdeɛ) & Palm Nut Oil (ngo)

Main: Ghanaian Chicken Peanut Stew (Nketankwan) with Rice (ɛmo) Balls

Dessert: "Ghana Pancake" with Fruit Puree & famous Red hibiscus Drink

Ethiopian Street-Food Dinner (Oct 26, 6pm)

Appetizer: Handmade Dabo Dolo Ethiopian pretzels snack & Ethiopian Timatim Tomato Salad

Main: Injera fermented bread with Doro Wat Chicken and Egg in Tomato Stew, Mesir Wat Stewed Lentils & Fasolia Carrot and Green Beans Stew. Yes, you'll be able to eat with your hands.

Dessert: Chef Tutu's famous Carrot Cake

Korean Street-Food Dinner (Oct 27, 6pm)

Appetizer: Mandu Korean Dumplings filled with seasoned pork, green onion and Japchae Noodle

Main: Korean Bulgogi Marinated Beef Dupbap with Rice & 3 traditional Korean side dishes (Kimchi, Rolled Egg Omelet and Japchae).

Dessert: Yakgwa Honey Cookies, sliced Korean pear and Korean citron Tea  

34 Grannan Street
Five and Dime
Saint John, NB
E2L 2C5