Dominic Paquet

March 23

Dominic Paquet is one of the most hilarious showmen around! As a comedian and host, he sets himself apart with his physical performances, his wacky impersonations and impressive vocal prowess. A native of Kirkland, Paquet earned his diploma from the École nationale de l’humour in 1998. Since the start of his career, he has been carving a place for himself by taking part in the biggest events on the Québécois comedy scene. 

Paquet is now bringing us his latest show: Rien qu’s’une gosse! 

Given our daily hectic pace, Paquet stops, contemplates and takes note of our shortcomings with great exaggeration. With his unique imagination and comical metamorphoses, his great talent shines through his interpretations and grandiose mimicry. His twisted body expresses, stretches and contracts to support his stories and tie everything together, incarnating the stereotypes audiences take the pleasure in identifying with…or not! Is it a child? A slow teen? An adult? A complete idiot or a genius? 

Regardless, his explosive energy combined with an extraordinary stage presence make Rien qu’s’une gosse a completely hilarious show. In his third one-man show, Paquet makes his audience cry of laughter with humour to please all ages. He is an oaf with boundless energy who knows how to make people laugh like no one else.

Centre communautaire Samuel-de-Champlain
67 Ragged Point Road
Centre communautaire Samuel-de-Champlain
Saint John, NB