Area 506 Waterfront Concert Series

July 16 - August 14

Sorry, did you think live music was off the table for this summer?

Not only have they delivered an amazing concert series for 2021, but it’s also completely safe and organized to make you as comfortable as you deserve to be.

All shows include pod-based seating to give YOU the control over who you hang with.  Whether you choose a six or ten person crew to attend a show, you’ll have your own designated area, and best of all – they’ll bring the drinks to you!

With every pod purchase, you’ll receive details on how and when we need you enter, what’s allowed, what’s not allowed, and how we all need to work together to pull this off.

Yes, you’ll need to wear a mask until you’re in your pod.  Yes, you may need to bring your own folding chair.  Yes, there may be some bumps along the road.  Yes, the music will feel amazing.  And yes, the beer will be cold.

Visit their website for the complete lineup.

Area 506 Committee
Long Wharf
Saint John Waterfront
Saint John, NB