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Salmon Run explores society and nature as the city streams by   My Salmon Run tour starts, as so many good things do, with coffee from Rogue. Americano in hand, I set out on foot, guided by the walking tour app from Discover Saint John, which led the project, which saw a trail of 10… Read More

Prince of Tides

Hula’s ephemeral mural activated a quiet corner of the city, and sparked a new way of thinking about public art. The tide comes in, the tide goes out. The Bay of Fundy’s twice-daily incursions into Saint John harbour and up Reversing Falls are the mighty metronome of our city, the big, slow beat behind the… Read More

Out of the Box

Cargo-Tecture reimagines the ubiquitous shipping container as a creative vessel   Sometimes, what’s right in front of you is hardest to see. The shipping containers stacked by the hundreds along Saint John’s waterfront were just waiting for a project to bring the city’s attention to their creative potential. Enter the Discover Saint John Cargo-Tecture Design… Read More

Creative commons

Public art made manifest the potential just below the surface   In Saint John, 2017 was the summer of public art. The city’s parks and parking lots, wharves and alleys and all manner of places in between were the stages and settings for a mix of unique contemporary projects that moved the dial on our… Read More

2017: The Year of #SaintAwesome

There were so many reasons to celebrate our destination last year – world-class festivals and events, intriguing public art installations, industry recognition and a growing squad of tourism ambassadors. #SaintAwesome’s tourism momentum is still reverberating in these early days of the New Year. GROWING VISITOR NUMBERS At the end of November, Saint John’s room sales… Read More

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