Festival & Event Planning

The Discover Saint John Festivals and Events office mentors event committees and assists in the planning of high quality festivals and events. Our team works with committees to ensure that new festivals and events deliver an experience in Saint John that is innovative for visitors and drives revenue to our region.

Discover Saint John assists in coordinating partners and making connections to help ensure successful event delivery. Whether it’s working with City of Saint John Parks and Recreation staff to secure locations at the right time of year, aiding in application completion for funding opportunities, helping to coordinate sponsorship opportunities or simply offering event knowledge and information when needed, our team wants to help local champions get new events up and running! In addition, Discover Saint John can provide marketing and promotional support for such festivals and events.

Types of Events

There are many fantastic events that take place in Saint John throughout the year, most of which fall into one of the following categories: Major Events, Special Events, Sporting Events or Community Events. We’ve created a quick cheatsheet of how to differentiate between event types. (hyperlink to cheatsheet)

Here is a list of some of the Major Event, Special Events and Sporting Events that have been supported by the Discover Saint John Festivals & Events Office to date:

Area 506 Festival

Area 506 Festival throws the spotlight on everything that is New Brunswick, showcasing New Brunswick Pride through culture, artists, culinary and more. Area 506 Festival culminates with a Waterfront Concert finale. www.area506.ca

Atlantic Emergency Services Games

First-responders put their abilities and skills to the test. Choosing from over ten games and activities, police officers, firefighters and EMTs will experience a sense of camaraderie during the Atlantic Emergency Services Games in Saint John.

Fundy Fan Fest

Fundy Fan Fest is Saint John’s premiere festival of all things pop culture. As a festival, Fundy Fan Fest provides an opportunity for patrons to celebrate their favourite fandoms though shopping, entertainment, video and board gaming, Coz play and family-friendly activities. With a focus on sci-fi, fantasy, comics, anime, steampunk, horror and gaming, there’s bound to be something for every pop culture enthusiast in your life when you attend Fundy Fan Fest.

East Coast Games

East Coast Games started in Saint John in 2015 with seven sports and approximately 1200 athletes, coaches and officials. For 2016, the event now includes 12 sports and anticipates more than 2000 athletes, coaches and officials coming to Saint John. The East Coast Games is the largest multi-sport tournament to be held in Saint John since the Canada Games in 1985.



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