February 27 – August 6, 2017

Local architects, designers, artists, engineers, innovators and creative types were invited to submit concepts to the CARGO-TECTURE Design Competition to mark Canada’s 150 anniversary of Confederation.

Winners were chosen by jury selection and public voting at the AREA 506 Festival. Congratulations to all of the participants.

1st Place – Jean and Jack Hudson of Rexton with “Sustainer Container”
2nd Place – Geof Ramsay and Alex Palmer of Saint John with “Periscope”
3rd Place – Alanna Baird of Saint Andrews with “DotSpot”


Project Background:

Every year, about two million shipping containers are no longer used. What if these could be upcycled into sustainable architecture to reduce the total carbon footprint? How can used shipping containers be upcycled into something unique and innovative? This challenge will be launched in an effort to bring creative thinkers together to celebrate, participate and leave a Canada 150 Legacy behind here in Saint John.

Participants are asked to submit concepts on any one of the following themes in their design:
•    Theme Category 1: Canadian Heritage;
•    Theme Category 2: Community Impact;
•    Theme Category 3: Future of Canada;

Five Finalists will be chosen by Jury and provided with $4,000 to create a full scale prototype to be showcased at the Area 506 Festival in 2017. The public will submit their vote at the Area 506 Festival and those votes will be tallied with the Jury score system created to determine one overall winner.